The 11 years old who wrote 3 books

It’s normal to base our opinions and sentiments about other people’s actions on our own experiences. We use this lens to view the world. We occasionally need to remind ourselves that someone else might have tried something entirely different from us, something that didn’t work out or wasn’t something we agreed with. First of all, try not to judge the personal decisions made by others. Next, instead of letting your personal concerns drag you down from your experience, try praising and encouraging other people. Next, think about how you may be supportive while sharing potential hazards and providing helpful recommendations upon request. Trying more things makes you exhausted; it doesn’t make you a better person. You persist in attempting to complete one more task. This uncomfortable habit can be something you do just before bed to avoid falling asleep while you cross another task off your list. There’s always something else to do, which is the issue with this. Make a closing ritual first to help you remember when to stop doing things. For example, clean your counters and brush your teeth after supper to indicate that it’s time to stop doing and start enjoying being.

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