Dagi and Kal out searching for a wedding dress

This one could be the trickiest because you could think you are acting morally when you try to please other people. While it’s great to help others, you should assess your motivation if you find yourself constantly devoting time and effort to others at the expense of your own well-being. What does the enjoyable portion give you? The insincerity of stating one thing while thinking another may be the most agonizing aspect of this practice. Take note of anyone who might be preying on your desire to please as well. The proverb “The only people upset about you setting boundaries are the ones who benefited from you having none” comes to me when I think about this. First, notice your own feelings when you satisfy another person. Next, establish limits to safeguard your time and energy, particularly from those who disregard them. Even when you’re not occupied with other tasks, get comfortable saying no. Next, begin substituting a daily, easy pleasure for your people-pleasing. In order to be more deliberate about how and when you give away your time and energy, please yourself and take care of them.

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