I always go back to the place we separated

First, observe how your body reacts when drama is there as a bait. Next, consider your objective before taking any action. Which outcomes are you aiming for? Next, consider if you think your intended course of action will lead to the desired outcome. If not, hold off on responding. This time, see what happens if you take no action at all. Continue indefinitely. losing oneself in regret and/or remorse. Whenever you focus on regret and guilt on a regular or daily basis, you lose sight of thankfulness, happiness, and the present. Dan Pink, the author, advises optimizing regret as opposed to minimising it. There is a cause for the bad feelings we feel. As long as we treat them well, they are useful. You don’t want to wallowing in regret. You shouldn’t think about it too much. However, if you interpret it as a message, as information, or as a knock at the door, it may be a very transforming feeling. Next, jot down your concerns rather than letting your thoughts run away with you. Writing something down makes it easier to understand than trying to figure it out in your head. Remember that you have paid your dues and that by continuing to hang on, you are robbing yourself of some truly wonderful experiences. Next, ceremoniously fold up your paper and release it.

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