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The outcome of your activities’ higher-order effects is luck. It goes like this: You take action with the goal of achieving a certain result. Everything you do has an impact on other things because nothing you do occurs in a vacuum. Alternatively, your prior experiences prepare you for what you can do now. Your level of behavior dictates the kind of luck you’ll encounter. Good deeds done with intention and purpose bring luck. Unfocused, excessively luxurious behaviors bring misfortune. An alternative interpretation of this would be to suggest that the direction of your initial activities determines the direction of your luck. Beneficial activities produce beneficial effects. Destructive behavior sets out destructive ripples. hard substances. Avoid doing anything that you cannot obtain legally. You run a higher risk of being arrested or dealing with lawbreakers if you do this. smoking. Smoking raises your chances of dying young by a significant margin. Furthermore, you won’t die swiftly or quietly from whatever kills you. Drinking heavily. Nothing gets better, and drunk people never make better decisions. This is not even something you have to do every day. Your entire life can be ruined by one night of heavy drinking.

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