I always had a question wile singing on stage

More failure than success has been experienced by very successful people. Before reaching the height of achievement, everyone had a fair number of setbacks. However, the majority of individuals I know detest the thought of failing. When ambition feeds your cravings, you become so focused on avoiding failure that you neglect to develop coping mechanisms for when it does happen. Thus, when you encounter difficulty head-on, you frequently feel overwhelmed by it. It takes acceptance to overcome failure. One of the most annoying things you might hear when times are hard is to “keep positive.” Positive thinking has frequently been misunderstood, misapplied, and exploited. To gain knowledge, develop, and change from the experiences we have in life, adopt an optimistic outlook. To put it simply, adopting a positive mindset entails working hard to overcome obstacles when presented with a setback. When bad things happen to you, it’s okay to feel angry and let down. However, staying down is not our goal. Be sincere with oneself. The most important thing to do while handling a failure is to take a few minutes to reflect on what went wrong. You have to be very honest with yourself about what caused it to occur.

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