My family doesn’t know I am on the streets

Emotions and sentiments like despair, anxiety, tension, fury, and so on are associated with failure. Everybody finds those emotions to be extremely uncomfortable and will stop at nothing to get rid of them. But in actuality, same emotions and sentiments will motivate you to put in more effort to come up with fresh, superior ideas so that you may do better the following time. Accept and enjoy those feelings and emotions; trying to suppress them will just make you develop bad coping techniques! There is a common misconception that failure defines one’s identity and destiny, however that is untrue! In actuality, failure is not anything that defines you; rather, it is what occurs to you. One of the most difficult things you will ever have to learn is how to learn from your mistakes. Knowing what went wrong can make you mentally stronger than before and enable you to set remarkable tactics and goals. You make mistakes and grow from them. You tumble and then get back up. You heal, prepare to rise, and accomplish your objectives. Look for motivation. Move on from where you are and set your failure behind you. See a new region of the world and meet a variety of people.

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