I thought he would be a good father and husband

While it’s acceptable to celebrate accomplishments, it’s more crucial to learn from mistakes. Everyone has experienced failure in some capacity, be it in a romantic relationship, a commercial venture, a fitness objective, or an exam. Even if failing feels terrible, with the correct mindset, you can succeed. Recognize your errors and develop new problem-solving techniques. Aim for new ideas and pay attention to input. It’s crucial to consider how you grow from your mistakes. Acknowledge that the outcome was not what was anticipated. Recognize and accept that something didn’t work, even if you put a lot of effort into it. Avoid getting fixated on making something better than it is or isn’t working. For instance, if you launched a company that failed, admit that it was a failure. Spending a lot of money on something that is unprofitable or has no chance of success is not worthwhile. Don’t hold others accountable for your shortcomings. Accept accountability, even if it causes you pain. Acknowledge your faults and resolve to do better the next time. Never allow a past setback deter you from attempting a fresh endeavor in the future.

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