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It’s acceptable to not want to dive straight back into your endeavor following a setback. Take a break if you’re exhausted or need time to collect your thoughts. This could mean taking a vacation or road trip for some, while it could mean ending a project for a bit for others. For the time being, you may start a new career or work on an other project, then wait to return to your abandoned project. Proceed according to your gut. In order to tackle the project with fresh eyes in the future, take some time to rest and rejuvenate yourself. Recall that taking a break from something does not mean giving up on it. Avoid overanalyzing every minor issue that arose or every action you “should” have taken in the past. Rather, concentrate on the lessons you’ve taken away from these errors so that you can go on. Think to yourself, “What can I learn from this?” after every error you make. For instance, don’t dwell on how sad you are or how large of a mistake you made if you purchase an expensive item that you are displeased with but are unable to return. Take use of this to limit your shopping to stores that allow returns.

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