Where did the 200 thousand birr go

It’s not necessary to give up after failing. Consider it the beginning or middle of a procedure. It doesn’t imply you’ll never date someone, for instance, if you try to date someone fresh and get refused. Persevere and acknowledge that failing is a natural part of learning and growing as a person. Consider failure as a necessary step along the path, and success as the final objective. The majority of successful people have had multiple setbacks but have persevered and moved on. Consider yourself an adventurer. Take risks and regard yourself as a risk-taker rather than as a failure. Failing indicates that you tried something and it didn’t work; this gives you the chance to attempt something else or new. It’s the ideal chance to try something different. Consider this a new challenge if you want to work out but never seem to get to the gym. Even if it makes you nervous, find another hobby that inspires you. Try salsa dancing, yoga, or rock climbing. You may discover a hobby or pastime you enjoy!

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