How I met my husband…St.mary was there

It may be difficult to stick to a bold resolution, such as losing 20 pounds, becoming a hard worker, or always being kind to your romantic partner. Perhaps choose an easier-to-maintain aim, such as eating anything you want but staying watchful so you can stop before you overeat. When you’re tempted to take a break at work, decide to push yourself for another two minutes. Choose one nicety to bestow on your romantic spouse, such as listening uninterrupted for two minutes per day. Ritualize. Connect your resolution to an activity you always engage in. For example, suppose you decide to undertake more professional reading. Every day, make yourself read for 10 minutes before eating dinner. Set a reminder on the side of your computer monitor, bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or as your computer’s wallpaper. Form a team. Use a fitness app, such as Sworkit, to share your daily progress with your social network friends. Alternatively, arrange for a group of friends to gather on a regular basis to provide support and share aspirations. Alternatively, ask a friend or perhaps a counselor to be a loving taskmaster. S/he would hold you accountable for your daily progress or perhaps observe you a few times until you were on track, such as working more and surfing the web less.

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