My husband is from appetizer to dessert

Psychologists have studied the essential characteristics of long-term successful relationships for many years. A word of caution: You don’t have to break up with your lover just because your relationship doesn’t fit all of these requirements. Think of this list as a broad set of recommendations that will assist you in determining whether or not the relationship you are in right now is fulfilling and happy for you. A committed partnership requires a lot of work on both sides. This kind of dedication not only expresses a couple’s love for one another but also their satisfaction in their union. When a couple is content with each other, they are more motivated to keep the relationship going; but, when they grow bored or dissatisfied. Despite what The Beatles once stated about love being all you need, happy couples value and cherish one other in addition to loving each other. It’s simple to recognize modest gestures of kindness from a spouse when the relationship is new, but as time goes on, these gestures may be overlooked. Appreciation is something that both men and women desire, and there’s no better feeling than having your partner recognize the efforts you put out to win them over.

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