The bord that cost half a million birr in Ethiopia

The following is a list of bird species that have been recorded in Ethiopia; as of August 2021, the avifauna of Ethiopia included 880 confirmed species; of these, 20 are endemic, one has been introduced by humans, and the statuses of 11 are under review; the remaining 16 species are hypothetical, as defined below. Unless otherwise mentioned, the list is that of Avibase; the taxonomic treatment (designation and sequence of orders, families, and species) and nomenclature (English and scientific names) on this list are those of The Clements Checklist of Birds of the World, 2022 edition. The following tags highlight various categories of occurrence other than regular migrants and residents. The vast majority of the livestock production system uses native breeds and low-input/low-output husbandry techniques. Numerous obstacles, such as poor genetics, poor reproductive performance, poor feed quality and seasonal variations, high disease incidence and parasite issues, and limited accessibility to services and inputs, limit the productivity of this industry. The use of animals varies according to the production system and ethnic group(s); in the mixed farming system, like in the North Shoa of the Amhara region, sheep are primarily kept for cash income; however, in the Afar region, milk production is the justification for keeping sheep.

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