They used to tell me it wasn’t expected of me

When individuals think about success, they frequently image a life in which they have ample opportunity to pursue their passions. You can design a life that functions in this manner, but all successful paths involve some tasks that aren’t really enjoyable. particularly in the early stages of any mission you’re attempting to finish. I adore writing. I don’t enjoy managing my money, responding to a ton of emails, dealing with irate clients, sending out personalized letters to pitch my job, or handling tech stuff on my website. However, I’m prepared to do these things because they’re part of the job and they enable me to pursue my passions. Most people, including self-aware people like me, underestimate how much we lie to ourselves. We make a lot of excuses to get by, pretending that we don’t want what we really want out of fear of being judged. Rather than taking an objective look at ourselves, we either have an unrealistic view of our own abilities or we are too mired in self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Yes, lofty goals require irrational amounts of confidence, but right now you need to be realistic and objective. You can have big goals, but you also need to accept that you’re not the kind of person who can achieve them right now. You can improve yourself without constantly criticizing your shortcomings.

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