Luxuries car from the Ethiopian entrepreneur

There is a cost associated with achieving every goal. You’re likely to obtain it if you’re prepared to pay for it. Don’t even bother trying if you’re not willing to pay for it. There are far too many gurus trying to con you into being this amazing person. When it comes to whether or not you genuinely want something, be honest with yourself. And determine whether you really want it to avoid having to pay the price. You will have to spend hours at the gym every week without fail if you want to lose weight and you won’t always get to eat the tastiest meals. The cost of starting a business is having to work overtime in addition to your regular job, not generating much money at first, and going through the emotional anguish and upheaval that comes with creating something. The higher the level of the goal, the greater the cost you will incur. With forty hours a week, perhaps you might create a million-dollar company. However, if you want to found the next big unicorn firm, prepare to work 14-hour days for ten years without having any social life at all. Each of us has varying aspirations, preferences, and—above all—a level of pain tolerance.

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