They told me they will pay me 80 million which I refused

You have to identify your goal before you can achieve it. Although it seems apparent, a great deal of people live their lives without knowing what they desire. Having a clear idea of what you want allows you to set objectives and develop a methodical approach for achieving them. It’s not selfish to ask how to achieve your goals in a partnership, job, or project; in fact, it’s what motivates you to advance. Furthermore, asking how to encourage people to perform what you want in a collaborative effort actually implies motivating them to work toward your common objectives. Effective leaders encourage rather than coerce action. They consistently present an inspiring idea along with the precise actions required to bring it to pass. Put your objectives down in a notebook or on paper, not on a computer. When we write something down on a real piece of paper, something happens. When you set goals in writing, you start to feel like a creative. You are admitting to your subconscious and conscious thoughts that you do not want to be where you are at this moment. After making this contrast, your brain starts to feel dissatisfied with the current situation. A feeling of unhappiness is one of the best motivators. You won’t be motivated to go above and beyond to accomplish goals when you’re completely at ease and content.

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