Let the twins tell us the secret behind their success

Consider dressing each twin in a different color once your children’s hospital ID bracelets are removed when they get home. One twin is dressed in warm colors (pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, and browns), whereas the other twin is dressed in cool hues. Alternatively, you may dress one twin in solids and the other in patterns. To help you identify which twin is which, you can also label their diapers. Having a system in place will provide you with a rapid visual cue, regardless of what you decide. To keep your twins straight, you might only need to make a small imprint on one toenail. You merely need to take off the matching sock when your newborns’ cute tootsies are all cuddled up. You’ll snap a ton of pictures of your adorable children. You’ll be amazed by all the tiny and large things your baby will do every day once they give you their first yawn and smile. It can be useful to always position one twin on the left and the other on the right for those less impromptu, posed photos. In this manner, you can identify who’s who without having to mark each photograph separately. Even while identical twins typically have extremely similar appearances, some traits like the form of the skull or certain facial features, for instance can occasionally be somewhat different.

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