How did you and your husband meet

Elicitation is particularly effective because it takes use of certain features of human psychology. People generally prefer to be acknowledged, complimented, heard, honest, and feel significant. They also like to correct others when they are mistaken and provide information when it is supplied to them (quid pro quo). Elicitation can foster a friendly, laid-back atmosphere and aid in rapport-building. The other person thinks you are just having a normal talk and is unaware of your objectives. They therefore frequently maintain their composure and are frank when providing information. Early in my career as a human intelligence officer, I received training in elicitation. This is a step that is far too simple but is frequently missed. Frequently, neither you nor others can clearly identify what it is that you actually need. It’s preferable if you can be more specific about what you desire. Give yourself enough time to ascertain, determine, or find out exactly what you want. Remind yourself of the reasons behind your actions. Start from the heart center: I check in with myself, asking with my heart, mind, and body to make sure this is what I want and that it resonates with who I am and what I stand for before I ask others to participate or reply.

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