I am not going to act anymore…

It’s like filling a keg with beer in an empty room and keeping it a secret from everyone that there is beer behind those brick walls if you don’t invite people to buy your product. No one will know that there’s a keg full of delectable items inside that brick house until you post a sign on the door, stuff leaflets in every mailbox in the neighborhood, and put up a sign out front offering free beer vouchers for the first 100 clients. Wherever those who already possess what you desire are engaged in play, making payments, or conversing, you must show up. Present yourself in person, via email, newsletters, Twitter, Facebook, and any other platform where individuals who are interested in what you have or can provide you with can find you. Make many inquiries. Never hesitate to ask someone for anything more than once. I occasionally worry that I’m saying things again. Recall that their perception differs from yours. The last time I felt anxious about talking nonstop about my charity initiative, which is about water, I thought everyone else was also getting bored with my constant plugging of the cause. Even though you’ve had the identical conversation hundreds of times, in actuality you only speak with each person once or twice.

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