Why didn’t you look for me…sisters meeting

Establish micro-groups and mini-masterminds to take advantage of social proof. When you email a small enough number of people, it’s common for one initial response to elicit more responses, generating the momentum of an ongoing conversation without requiring you to repeatedly contact more people. I attempt to include someone who I know will reply to emails fast when I invite five highly respected individuals to join a conversation. This sparks a continuing dialogue. A sufficiently small group allows the conversation to become intimate and confidential, akin to a micro-mastermind group with material rich enough to be valued in the hundreds of dollars. Make sure your questions are answered in a variety of ways and appear in a variety of locations on a variety of platforms that are tailored for various people. I make sure to send my “ask” out into the cosmos in multiple ways whenever I begin a program, offering, or class. Making something and then waiting for people to come along is insufficient. You should provide an invitation to individuals to come look at, evaluate, and buy your product or offering both before and after you manufacture it. This will show them what you have to offer.

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