I didn’t think I have caused all this

A common concern among women is that their aspirations could endanger other people. They downplay their accomplishments when completing a resume or a dating profile. Furthermore, they claim, “Oh, it was nothing,” or assert, “No, I’m not really that good,” in response to compliments. However, you don’t have to minimize your accomplishments or reduce yourself in order to appease other people. Strong-willed women understand that they can take pride in their accomplishments without coming across as conceited. They take pride in their work and don’t hesitate to share their achievements. They are confident in who they are and understand that it is not their responsibility to play small in order to avoid frightening other people. You may believe that a certain woman who is putting in a lot of mental effort at the gym has a strong mental constitution. However, she may perhaps be dealing with severe body image problems. Alternatively, she may be attempting to validate her own insecurities by showing others that she is competent. On the other hand, a lady who consistently gets out of bed even when she would much rather stay under the covers may have extraordinary mental toughness. Women with strong minds understand that acts alone may not always indicate a person’s power.

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