Teddy and the million birr ring

You’ll just know is a typical statement used by people while discussing the concept of love. This is justified for a solid cause. Above all, love is a sensation with an element that cannot be expressed. According to Consul, “it’s about feeling that your words hold importance for your partner; it goes beyond simply being heard.” This emotion is a sign of vulnerability, trust, and emotional connection. The feeling of peace that remains after getting a much-needed hug is reminiscent of true love, rather than the rush of adrenaline. It seems authentic in a deeper manner than what many of us have experienced, and it doesn’t leave you with unanswered questions or conflicting feelings. But things can get complicated. You can be deeply in love with someone and yet not want to be in a relationship with them. This situation sounds contradictory, but it doesn’t mean that you are not deeply in love. True love doesn’t overcome everything; it coexists with situations that could end a relationship but doesn’t end the love. She also says that someone can be deeply in love with someone else but not be able to express that love because they haven’t done necessary internal work.

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