The English woman has got her smile back

A strong lady pursues her aspirations and goals. They prepare, they act, and they act strategically. Instead of talking nonstop about things they know they will never do, strong women follow through on their commitments. A powerful woman is aware of her own self. A self-aware woman is strong. She values self-awareness and self-discovery and makes an effort to learn more about herself, despite the difficulties she may encounter along the way. Being truthful about one’s routines, attitudes, feelings, and deeds is a necessary part of knowing oneself. A powerful woman isn’t scared to accept and be confident in her strength. She doesn’t downplay or run from her strength to appease other people. A strong woman is aware of the power inherent in her intellect, physical attractiveness, self-assurance, competence, talent, independence, compassion, tenacity, and enthusiasm. She doesn’t try to hide her strength from others or be afraid to admit it when she does. Above all, she refuses to cede her authority to others. Even to those closest to her, she doesn’t give her life away since she understands that doing so isn’t in her best interests or theirs.

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