I am saved by the grace of God

Your inner core is what makes you valuable. Knowing our worth sustains us from the inside out. It helps us get through difficult situations and provides us confidence when we need it the most. Realizing your value originates from within. I prefer to think of it as an internal light that glows brilliantly inside each of us. Your own magnificent, bountiful power source that keeps you going, and keeps you believing in yourself, even when times become tough. Even on the days when everything seems hopeless and lonely, it is there, shining brilliantly. The secret to personal development and self-worth is being able to replenish that supply when necessary. A strong woman understands the value of focusing on her own development. She is aware that there is always space for growth and change in our life, and that this does not entail that we must be “fixed.” To be a strong woman or to have a strong body, you don’t need to work out every day. Respecting and honoring your body is what you really need to do. You should see a doctor when something is wrong, and you should have the willpower to quit exposing your body to harmful materials and practices. Strong women come to appreciate their bodies. Granted, I am aware that this task is not simple and may require some time.

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