After 6 months I am finally there

We are capable! However, we have a notoriously poor habit of undervaluing our accomplishments and believing that we lack the necessary skills. An additional X chromosome what gives? Unlike males, who will apply for a job even if they are only 60% qualified, women will not apply for one unless they are 100% qualified. Give it up already. Strong women are self-assured and take pride in their accomplishments. Celebrate yours and let others know! Making yourself little is not a healthy approach to make someone else feel big, and your goal is not a danger. I’ve never given up in my life, and I’m not going to start now. Making the tough decision is necessary as there isn’t an easy one. Denial. Rebukes. Wash again. Repeat. Ahh, the embarrassing moments that life seems to be constructed around sometimes. Everybody has experienced being told they are insufficient at some point. However, mentally strong women are distinguished by their capacity to recover from uncomfortable situations. They’ll be damned if they allow others to limit their potential since they are aware of how they feel about themselves. Don’t allow the opinions of others to limit you. You resemble incredibly resilient French enamel cookware, my dear. Nothing clings to you.

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