God wanted me and he kept me till now

One of the most important steps in developing a closer relationship with God is to begin and maintain an intimate friendship with Jesus. Although each person’s journey is different, it is essential to give ourselves over to Christ and accept His gift of redemption. Though we might make things more complicated, God only wants our hearts, our focus, and our dedication. God is in need of our undivided attention and acknowledges the tremendous significance of Jesus’ death, which resulted in our salvation. Following doable steps, tending to our spiritual connection, and exploring boundless opportunities are all ways that Christian women can build a strong foundation for their relationship with Jesus. In today’s chaotic environment, it is imperative that Christian women strengthen their relationship with God. In the midst of uncertainty, it provides direction, calm, stability, and guidance. Maintaining this relationship gives our faith strength, courage to overcome obstacles, and a sense of direction and significance.
Even in trying times, we can have hope as we get closer to God. A solid relationship enables us to feel His love, serve as an inspiration, and maintain perspective on our objectives. It gives happiness and contentment beyond material expectations.

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