She has been carrying the burden by herself

Even if you think your partner is your true love, maintaining a relationship takes time, work, and commitment. It can help to understand each other’s needs as you grow together if you continue to communicate regularly, openly, and honestly. Spending quality time together, whether through shared interests or just spending time together, can help build closeness in a relationship over time. It can also help to regularly express gratitude and appreciation for each other’s company. Finally, as your relationship develops, relationship coaches or therapists can offer expert insights and guidance customized to your particular situation. Beyond simple attraction or infatuation, true love is a deep and exquisite bond. It’s about developing mutual respect, trust, empathy, and growth. Understanding the qualities of true love and fostering them in your relationship can result in a very satisfying and long-lasting bond, even though it may not always be easy to recognize. Online therapy can support you in navigating shifting emotions and fostering enduring relationships, regardless of whether you think you’ve found “the one” or are still looking for that unique connection.

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