There are people running in my throat

Speaking with your audience face-to-face is one of the best ways to leave a lasting impression, and your performances are the ideal venue for doing so. Even while it’s naturally difficult to approach strangers and strike up a discussion (though I strongly advise it), there’s no excuse why you can’t strike up a conversation with fans that stop by your merchandise booth while the event is going on. Talk to them about things that are important to them instead of just saying “thank you” for coming. Find out about their favorite bands and the upcoming shows they can’t wait to see. Small chat centered on shared interests has the potential to forge a long-lasting bond between an artist and their fan base. Additionally, if you identify a regular attendee of your performances. Engage with both your fan base and those working in the music business. Twitter, for instance, is an excellent platform for having direct conversations with individuals. You could share and retweet the posts made by other bands and fans. Asking insightful questions is another technique to get people involved. It gives your followers flexibility in what you do. For instance, posing a query concerning your events and material demonstrates to followers that you value their opinions. Including fans in a band’s creative process is one of my favorite things to witness.

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