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Love is a complicated feeling with many facets that can manifest in different ways. Among the most frequently misunderstood kinds are genuine love and infatuation. Even while they could first appear to be similar, particularly in the beginning of a relationship, they are fundamentally different in a lot of ways.
Look out for these signs to help you distinguish between true love and infatuation. defining traits of infatuation Duration: Infatuation is frequently a fleeting, powerful feeling. Though it usually passes with time, it might feel all-consuming and overwhelming at times. Focus: When you’re infatuated, your attention is frequently drawn to yourself and how the other person makes you feel. It all comes down to how much happiness, excitement, and fulfillment the connection gives you. Idealization: When someone is infatuated, it’s common to put someone on a pedestal, overlook their imperfections, and form an idealized impression of them. This could cause irrational expectations. Emotional Roller Coaster: Falling in love can result in both extreme highs and lows. The relationship’s mood might fluctuate wildly and unexpectedly. Physical Attraction: Physical attraction and desire are frequently at the heart of infatuation. Although these components can exist in pure love, infatuation usually has them more prominently displayed and given priority. Qualities of a genuine love: Duration: Sincere love develops into something deeper and more meaningful with time. It’s a strong bond that gets stronger the longer you spend time together.

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