I wish he was here and saw this work

The appropriate approach will become apparent when you’re clear about your goals and confident in what you do. Thus, when your “why” is compelling, you’ll choose the “how.” The why informs the how. not in reverse order. You’re approaching success the wrong way if you’re asking for advice. You’re not motivated by the right motives. Additionally, you’ll never stop looking for the next area of land where gold might be found. Three feet from gold, an open field of half-dug holes. When you are clear about your goals and motivations, you don’t worry about the “gold.” You are internally secure. Because you already know the results are going to happen, you are not concerned about them. You are reflected in your job. Give up searching for more effective tactics if you’re not seeing the desired outcomes. Look inside instead. Do you now attract the kind of success that you are looking for? Your internal reality is reflected in the circumstances around you. Like James Allen once remarked, you become what your circumstances make you. You are where you are at this moment. Enhance yourself if you wish for something distinct. The majority of people concentrate on their “job” or craft. That’s all very nice. But if you put more of an emphasis on yourself, you’ll receive considerably more value for your money. Your work should take up 20% of your energy.

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