You gave my child back after 8 years

A mother is a child’s mentor as well as their first and greatest friend, encouraging and guiding them to achieve all of life’s goals. Someone who consistently teaches you right from wrong is a terrific mentor. In addition to offering you encouragement, a mentor can also be tough with you when necessary. And these qualities are seen in all of our mothers. My mother is genuinely my mentor as she helps me whenever I need it and leads me through every stage of life. She gets tough with me when I make mistakes in order to help me learn from them. Nobody is able to look after us like a mother. From the moment of his birth, she has given her all to care for her child. She is aware of all of her child’s requirements and will stop at nothing to meet them. She is her children’s constant companion. Our mother looks after us while we are sick, taking care of us without thinking about her own health. A mother’s first priority is her children’s safety and protection, and she goes to great lengths to make sure they are secure no matter where they are. A mother gives her child all the comforts in the world. The mother is the one who keeps the house happy and kid-safe. She can do both domestic tasks and is akin to a superwoman.

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