I don’t want him to have female best friends

Not everyone is attracted to persons of the other sex, and about 75% of males have non-romantic connections with women. However, guys and girls can just be friends. True friends are those that encourage each other in their romantic endeavors, refrain from flirting, and don’t hang around pining for a romantic relationship. Having a buddy who is the other sex might open your eyes to different friendship dynamics and teach you about their viewpoints. Male and female friendships are very prevalent and have the power to greatly improve one’s life. Male-female friendships are extremely common among those who never desire to date their buddies. Follow your passion. It’s probably not worth your time if it doesn’t make you happy. It indicates that you are not giving it your all if you choose a career or remain in a job without passion. Follow your heart, and things transform. Your creativity soars, you become highly driven, and your task ceases to feel like labor. This route frequently results in both monetary achievement and personal fulfillment. Honor modest victories. Take time to appreciate the small victories rather than focusing only on the grand prize. The trip is made enjoyable and keeps you going by these times. That is very significant.

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