I didn’t value my wife who was there during hard times

Happiness comes easily when you accept and love who you really are. When was the last time you didn’t have to hold back or pretend? Perhaps it was with close friends or family. Those are the times when real delight is felt, free from the need to conform. Being able to fully and confidently express oneself without having to worry about living up to the expectations of others is the key to happiness. enjoying interests and pastimes without considering whether they’re “cool” enough. Being with individuals who, simply put, make you grin because they like you for who you are. The internal struggle and stress that come with attempting to live up to someone else’s expectations go away when you stop pretending to be someone else. Being real releases the stress of maintaining a façade, which helps reduce anxiety and despair. Start modest: either write down your genuine feelings and thoughts in a notebook or discuss them with a trusted friend. Creating safe settings that allow you to be honest with others and with yourself is the key. As time goes on, you’ll have fewer nervous moments and a stronger sense of general wellbeing, which will strengthen your mental health.

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