What happened….a response from Sititaw wife

It’s okay to fail at things; everyone experiences it. It’s not something you’ll always be able to perform flawlessly. That’s alright, too. Examine your past actions and keep in mind that mistakes are inevitable when starting something new and that you may need to try a few times before getting it properly. Talking positively all the time will train your mind to resist the urge to think negatively. If you do find yourself thinking negatively, particularly after something goes wrong or you hear something hurtful from someone, ask yourself. By confronting these ideas, you can develop the habit of focusing primarily on constructive and uplifting thoughts. We are not discussing fears that have a fear factor. We are saying that you should identify and address the issue that is causing you concern right now. asking yourself the reasons behind your feelings and what steps you may take to get over them. It is simpler to communicate your issues with others, so ask for assistance in figuring out how to accomplish this. They may even share your sentiments. There will be people at your university, in your student union, or even in your residence halls who can assist you. It is simple to get into the habit of worrying excessively about the future.

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