10 main signs of vitamin deficiency

Many symptoms, including exhaustion, irritation, and changes to your skin and hair, can be brought on by a vitamin deficiency. The particular symptoms are contingent upon the low level of vitamin(s), as each vitamin has a distinct physiological function. For instance, a lack in vitamin D can result in weak bones and fractures, but a deficiency in folate can cause anemia, which makes you tired and weak. Low vitamin consumption or specific medical conditions might cause a deficit. Vitamin supplements are typically administered orally (by mouth) or intravenously (by injection). Many of the vitamins your body needs are produced by it. However, 13 vitamins are essential to your health and cannot be produced by your body; therefore, you must obtain them from food or supplements. Many symptoms such as weariness, dry skin and hair, depression, delayed wound healing, and more can be brought on by a vitamin deficiency. Many of them overlap, even though they can differ depending on the deficiency. Usually, observable effects don’t begin to appear until you’ve had low doses for several months. Weakness and Fatigue: You can be lacking in vitamin D, one of the B vitamins, or vitamin C if you’re always tired and lethargic. Dry Hair and Skin. Vitamin D, C, D, B, and E deficiency are frequently accompanied by dry skin and hair. Depression: Clinical depression and vitamin deficits have occasionally been linked.

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