Artist Mulualem has been awarded

This is your time to shine. Thus, as the imaginary orchestra drowns you out, you grab the nearest pen or hairbrush and begin an ostentatious thank-you to the Academy, exclaiming, “You like me!” and asking your kids to go to bed. Everybody has acted out that hypothetical situation. However, perhaps we ought to give up. When accepting an accolade, those well-known televised award speeches serve as a guide on “what not to do.” For their brief moment in the physical spotlight, most winners tend to over-indulge in self-promotion and pretend to be modest. Alternatively, they quickly go through a dull and tedious series of verbal compliments. “The majority of Academy Award speeches are pitiful,” “You’re looking for an emotional bond. Draw the image. Encourage others to be passionate. It’s likely that you will receive recognition for your time and efforts if you participate actively in Toastmasters or your community, or if you are a devoted team member or charitable donor. And when you do, you could be expected to say a few words in front of your peers. Do not worry, fellow orator: The goal of a strong acceptance speech is the same as that of any other strong speech: to be polite, impactful, and unforgettable in a shorter amount of time than usual. A well-crafted speech that lasts three to five minutes can make a greater impression than one that lasts 45 minutes.

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