I thought I was young at that time

Similar like farts in an elevator, breakups aren’t something you can just get back in and act like it never happened. One of my favorite topics to discuss when my wife and I get together is our relationship. While I’m not claiming this is typical, it did help us get straight to the point of any breakup, which is to acknowledge that we broke up and acknowledge that it will take work to get back together. How many people do you know who end their relationship, resume their covert affairs, and then turn up at your home party six weeks later as if nothing had happened? Be not that person if this is a serious relationship. Denying it occurred is a missed opportunity to put in the genuine work of improving as a relationship. Consider this: by improving current relationship, you’re stepping up for your next one, which might be The One, even if it’s not a really serious one and you think it’s not The One. Getting a counselor was the second thing my wife and I did. A counselor has several distinct roles to play. They can firstly assist you in coping with the intense feelings surrounding your breakup. Secondly, talking to a complete stranger in front of your partner about difficult topics is far simpler than talking to your partner directly.

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