We share everything together there is no ownership

Enter your small group with the intention of listening. Instead of trying to be understood, try to understand. Many wounded people seek solace in small groups from one another. They are in need of your empathy and sympathy. Paying close attention is where you should start first. Refrain from telling your story too soon. Pay attention to other people’s tales. You are essentially earning the right to be heard when you pay attention to other people. Yes, this can be difficult and hurtful at times. You will have to put up with people who make lousy choices, have bad habits, and irritate you. However, Jesus commanded us to love one another and have patience with one another, and listening is one of the main qualities of love. Once you’ve listened intently, prepare to speak. While certain members of the group may speak excessively, the opposite extreme is silence. Being the leader of a small group, I am happy when someone actively participates in the conversation. I frequently hope that so-and-so won’t respond right away when I ask them to offer their opinions because I know he talks too much already. I hope other members will also give their reflections, although the more reserved ones tend to hold back far too much. Make sure no one person dominates the entire meeting. There are always multiple applications for an answer, even if it was provided by someone else.

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