The wedding where their children are best men

Biochemical aging is caused by a variety of factors, but two that accelerate the process are inflammation and free radicals, both of which are products of bad lifestyle decisions. However, exciting new research reveals that the oxytocin we create when we feel warm and fuzzy lowers levels of inflammation and free radicals in the cardiovascular system, slowing the process of aging at its source. Kindness is beneficial for the heart for another reason: these two offenders also have a significant impact in heart disease. Additionally, there have been suggestions in scientific journals regarding a high correlation between vagus nerve activity and compassion. The vagus nerve regulates the body’s amount of inflammation in addition to heart rate. Among the most obvious points is this one. It goes without saying that we enjoy the company of kind individuals. This is so that we feel more “bonded” to one another since kindness shortens the emotional space between us. It is actually a hereditary trait because it is something that is so ingrained in us. We are naturally benevolent. It was a skill that our evolutionary ancestors had to acquire. The human genome has “kindness genes,” which indicate that the likelihood of survival increased with the strength of emotional ties within communities.

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