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Making decisions about what to eat for supper, what to watch on TV, or what kind of relationship you want is difficult when there are so many options available. Plus, every choice you make requires a small amount of mental effort. It makes sense why making the most important decisions in life is so draining. It takes a lot of mental effort to answer questions like “What do I want from life,” “Who do I want to be,” and “Where should I live.” It is simple to go into survival mode if you do not make an effort to identify your goals in life. You get disoriented and stop caring about anything else, which makes you angry and disappointed. When you’re unsure of your goals, it’s common to get bored and impatient with what you’re doing. Everyone aspires to happiness, but contentment is more than just feeling joyous. It also involves having a purpose, feeling needed, and preserving enjoyment in the face of uncertainty. Our happiness is influenced by internal and external influences alike.

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