Dagi and Samson’s daughter graduation ceremony

A robust family consists of more than its individual members. When everyone works together, it has synergy, just like an orchestra. Every one of my three kids plays a stringed instrument. They have put in many hours with the community orchestra, both in practice and on stage. The group’s potential for creation when they join together is the conductor’s main focus. My kids also attend private classes on a regular basis. Their personalized music instructor guides and assists them in becoming a valuable member of the ensemble. Having these two jobs is similar to parenting. As coaches, we also act as conductors. We strive for something more than merely a sum of our parts; we build the individual and then unite the group around that goal. With everything going on in daily life, it might be simple to create a bait and substitute quantity for quality. They both matter, of course, but connections and relationships take time. We are able to mentor, advise, and provide affirmation within the framework of partnerships. Time is a valuable resource. It is a quantifiable demonstration of our readiness to make an investment in our kids. Our children’s time also needs to be managed, in addition to our own. We must avoid overcommitting to chances and activities if we want strong families.

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