I am missing my mom please make up

When your kids are willing to engage, take the initiative and speak up. Children aren’t always interested in talking; sometimes they want to chat. Although we can’t force our kids to engage in conversation, we can spend time with them when they are open to it. Be prepared, pay close attention, and listen when the door opens. This implies that we stop what we’re doing and listen to what they have to say, staying up a little later than we would like to. Praise your child for being themselves, not just for what they have done or achieved. There is plenty of competition in the worlds of employment, sports, and education. Tell them you like and appreciate them as a person, give them a hug, and a smile. Profit from domestic duties. Even if you might finish the task ahead of your child, there are several benefits to working together: you get to spend time together, the kids acquire important life skills, the task gets done, and everyone feels like a valued member of the team. Together, cook, fold laundry, prepare the table, tidy a closet, get rid of outdated toys, or assign tasks to a sibling. Is it time to rake leaves or plant flowers? Make it a family affair that everyone participate in. Recall your family’s most joyous moments. They probably have to do with some enjoyable pastime of some sort. Traveling is great, but you shouldn’t limit playing together to once a year.

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