How to grow your edges naturally

Long-term wear of an ultra-slim bun or ponytail might seriously damage your edges. It is not advisable to pull on the area of your hair that is weaker by nature on a regular basis. As a general guideline, the style is most likely tugging too hard if it’s giving you a headache. Instead, try wrapping your ponytail holder one less time than usual to achieve the same tight look for a bun. Then, use bobby pins to fix the hair that isn’t looking as taut as you want it to. Less tugging, less headaches, and edges that are intact. To be honest, this isn’t the first article you’ve read on the advantages of using a satin pillowcase for sleeping. It extends well beyond only shielding your edges: Improved skin! Hair that is less frizzy and more hydrated! And just a whole lot more luxurious! Cotton can strip the moisture out of your hair and be harsh. Your edges won’t be all over the place in the morning if you use something smoother. Take it slowly when taming. The possibilities are what make edges so great. There are a plethora of entertaining ways to style your edges to alter your appearance, ranging from swoops to s-curls. Most choose a boar bristle brush, which is dependable, sleek, and stylish if it’s a Mason Pearson, but use caution when using it.

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