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A wise person has the following character

Living a meaningful and full life may be made easier if we understand what wisdom is and who is wise. The ability to act or counsel others to conduct in ways that are more likely to result in desired outcomes is a common definition of wisdom. According to some academics, wisdom is a type of practical intelligence. The idea that wisdom is doing the right thing in the right way at the right moment in the right context appeals to me. A choice or course of action will not be wise if any one of these four components is off. A sensible individual is aware that knowledge is incomplete. They continually maintain their humility and pay attention to others in order to learn more. While mistakes are inevitable for everyone, a smart person is one who grows from them and improves. A sensible person will always own up to their mistakes regardless of the consequences. Many individuals make mistakes, but they assign blame to others and refuse to accept responsibility for their acts because they are afraid of the repercussions. Emotions are not the adversary of wisdom; rather, wise people are able to control their emotions in order to think clearly and make decisions and take actions that could result in a favorable conclusion.

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