The 7 years old that can recite all the chapter in the bible

You are your child’s first and most significant teacher, as a parent. Children perform better and feel better about going to school when parents and families are active in their education. Actually, a number of research indicate that parental education and family income have less of an impact on a child’s academic achievement than family actions. Parents can help their kids learn both at home and during the academic year in a variety of ways. It could seem hopeless to try to prevent stress or find a means to fully decompress when it does strike. There won’t be more time in the day, the bills won’t stop coming, and your obligations to your family and job will never let up. Contrary to popular belief, you actually have a great deal more influence over your stress levels. In actuality, stress management starts with realizing that you are in charge of your life. Taking control of your thoughts, feelings, schedule, surroundings, and problem-solving style is the key to effectively managing stress. The ultimate objective is a balanced life that includes time for relationships, work, leisure, and enjoyment as well as the capacity to endure.

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