Artist Mekdes is building an orphanage with 1 billion birr

In baseball, crying is not permitted. or the conference room. Or basically anywhere—well, maybe hiding in a ladies’ restroom cubicle or beneath your covers. Yes, indeed. We comprehend. However, strong women are aware that emotion and vulnerability have their own seasons. Hold on now. This does not give you license to go all mascara and runny nose on everyone. Rather, realize that it is not appropriate to criticize other women or yourself for experiencing and expressing feelings. Speaking your opinion and expressing your frustrations and worries in a constructive manner are acceptable. Feel those emotions, and give others permission to feel the same. It takes a great deal of bravery and strength to put oneself out there. It seems that your tiny voice is quite perceptive. Strong women only listen to their own voices in life, claims the Power of Positivity. Since nobody knows more than they do what they genuinely need and want out of life, they solely trust their instincts. Furthermore, overanalyzing might result in melancholy and a complete lack of action. And it’s not enjoyable. Trust yourself, you’ve been doing you for a long time.

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