Will she yes or will she say let me think about it

There are obstacles in life, but when you have “the one,” you can overcome them together. Difficulties tend to deepen your bond rather than to break it. Together, you forge into a team capable of enduring any adversity and developing from every encounter. Respect and motivation for one another. You find inspiration in each other’s strengths and respect each other’s attributes. Mutual respect and support typically exist, which motivates you both to become better people. gut instinct and intuition. Finding “the one” can occasionally be determined by an instinctive sense, a profound inner knowing that this person is meant to be. It feels like a deeper, unique connection than other kinds of relationships. Their pleasure is your delight. You take pleasure in each other’s happiness and work to improve each other’s quality of life. You share in your partner’s joy and believe that their accomplishments are your own. They inspire you to strive for moral excellence. Being with “the one” inspires you to develop personally. Because of their positive influence on you, rather than feeling under pressure, you are inspired to be the finest version of yourself.

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