Artist Nibret Gelaw saying he has something to say to his children and fans

Divorce can put a stop to some sad, toxic relationships and, in the end, may prove to be the greatest option for a family in need. However, if you’re a parent going through it, you likely have more on your mind than just yourself. You’re not the only one if you lie awake at night wondering how your children are affected. There are techniques to ease everyone’s transition into the new family dynamic a little bit. Children of any age can be impacted by divorce and separation. “Children, regardless of their age, notice when parents are going through a difficult period. Therefore, even though children may communicate their stress in a variety of ways depending on their age, it’s crucial for parents to be as open and honest as they can, particularly in trying circumstances. You must first comprehend your child’s emotions before arming yourself with the necessary coping mechanisms so that you can help them navigate this significant life event. Divorce can be a highly distressing and overwhelming process for children. Some kids feel guilty and hold themselves responsible for their parents’ divorce. The behavior of others or academic achievement may deteriorate. Conflict makes kids anxious and causes cognitive dissonance, which frequently leads them to choose one parent over the other to feel better or to use unhealthy external outlets to express their emotions.

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