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I am losing sleep over my son

People all throughout the United States are selling their children over the internet. I’m not even talking about parents that entrust their children to predators. I’m talking about parents who have decided that their children are too much trouble and want to “rehome” them as if they were a pet (which I am also against, btw). Unless you frequent these specific Internet discussion boards, you’re probably unaware that parents throughout the country are handing their “aggressive” children to complete strangers in the hopes of a better outcome. Or, at the absolute least, a wish to be free of the thorn in your side. Forgiveness of our parents is one of the most significant sorts of forgiveness, and it is a vital responsibility of maturity. Friends, coworkers, bosses, and even our offspring reflect our parents. If we have been rejected by a parent and have remained in that circumstance, we would undoubtedly feel rejected by these important people. According to psychologist Robert Karen, however, letting go of our parents is the first step toward contentment, self-acceptance, and adulthood. Parental enmity does more than just keeping a parent in the doghouse. As the victim, the have-not, and the child in the field of love, we, too, become trapped there. Some of the most hardest sins to forgive are those committed by parents. We have great expectations for them and do not want to let them down.

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