“I got to represent my country….” model Selamawit Kassa

Everyone can find something to enjoy in the modeling world. You can find at least one niche or area of expertise that matches your appearance and personality because there are so many of them. Once you’ve decided that becoming a model is the right course of action, it’s time to decide how you’ll get there. Being really, really, ridiculously attractive is only one aspect of the modeling industry. It’s not simple to break into the modeling business. It requires patience, commitment, and perhaps most importantly, a thick skin. Being judged solely on your appearance can be taxing for many people, but as the modeling industry diversifies, more opportunities are becoming available for aspirants of all body types, genders, and sexual orientations. If becoming a model has always been your goal, use this advice to launch your career in the best possible way. Every aspiring model must first understand what their best features are and how to highlight them. Examine your face, which is unadorned, and your back-combed hair. The era in which the industry required rigid symmetry and Eurocentric features has long since passed. The industry has undergone significant change in how it views beauty and how it selects the ideal models. What about your face attracts my attention? Are your lips full? tired eyes? a void between your teeth? When it comes to casting directors remembering you, any of these things can be helpful. Put on a show for the mirror. Practice being overly emotional, laughing at the right times, and contorting your body into interesting poses while still appearing natural and at ease. Get used to wearing heels or other types of shoes that you normally wouldn’t. In heels, you might be asked to run, jump, or even skip.

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