Singer Abebe Kefeni on EBS teatime

I appreciate that you can express yourself through song. I find that singing sad music helps me release my emotions when I’m feeling down, but I sing joyful songs when I’m feeling upbeat since they make me feel even better. I also think that singing allows you to socialize and meet new people because you may join choirs or groups. Being able to enjoy yourself and pick your songs makes singing a really pleasant hobby. Being a part of a chorus and bringing that spirit to the audience is one of my favorite aspects of being in one. Additionally, it involves following instructions, acquiring new repertoire, and cooperating with a teacher. Making the music move dynamically and in opposition to all the other elements while upholding the original shape and aim is incredibly innovative. But I didn’t decide to become a musical director and teacher until I was in my early teens. My high school music teacher, Maeve, was a huge inspiration to me because she just had such a wonderful approach. It’s crucial to foster a welcoming, imaginative, and encouraging atmosphere. I’ll spend a lot of time getting to know my cast mates, classmates, choir, or anybody else is involved since I thrive on teamwork and feed off of the energy of others. I adore how much happiness singing can provide to others.

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